Monday, October 27, 2008

The Answer: Yes!

This is a new blog for Dave and I, although we both have or have had blogs previously. We both enjoy blogging, but we are sometimes busy and lose track of our blogs. However, we hope by pooling our blogging resources, we can put out a high-quality blog discussing events in and around our lovely hometown of Cincinnati.

People often discuss how Ohio is a microcosm of the United States. Ohio contains urban, rural, and suburban areas, providing a wide variety of political and cultural types. From Appalachian Southeast Ohio, to Cleveland where they like to consider themselves an Eastern big city, to thoroughly Midwestern, rustbelt Toledo, to Midwestern/Southern mix of Cincinnati, there is so much variety in Ohio. Dave and I, as native Cincinnatians, both consider Cincinnati to be a great place, worthy of celebration for the diversity and unique attributes of the city.

Dave and I are not all that different in a lot of ways. We are both graduates of a certain all-male high school in Finneytown, and we are both graduates of THE Ohio State University. We are both in public service jobs. However, we are different in a lot of ways too. While Dave walks to his job in downtown Cincinnati, I drive from the Dayton suburbs to the Cincinnati suburbs each day for work. While Dave tends to vote for Democrats, I tend to vote for Republicans (though neither uniformly I believe). Dave is a long-time Westsider (Price Hill and Cleves I believe), while I hail from the Eastside (Pleasant Ridge mostly and Deer Park for a bit).

In the end, Dave and I both want what is best for Cincinnati, Ohio, and the U.S. of A. We may disagree on the specifics of that sometimes, but we often agree. That is what we are going for with this blog. We wanted to create a forum where two people who may or may not disagree on issues connected to Cincinnati (probably tenuously sometimes) can discuss those issues, hopefully with some help from a reader or two. That's the way it should be everywhere.

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